Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

My Race Diary and Results


Skukuza Half Marathon - 4 August - Entered

Napier 10km road race - 16 June - Entered

Two Oceans Half Marathon - 31 March - Entered
Substituted to someone. As we now have a puppy, it is not really practical to get away for this race. Maybe next year...!


Yorkshire Marathon - 8 October - (6:12)

It was great to run with family and friends, namely Russell, Sam, Tom and Taz (10 miler). Everyone did so well, especially as they hadn't run long distances before. I had been feeling rough the day/night before and knew it was not going to be a good day for me! I was right!

Napier Half Marathon - 17 June (2:51)
Very muddy, squelchy, windy and hilly! A hard run but I can, at least, say I have done it! Earned my medal! Steve did the 30km MTB race and did well!

Two Oceans Half Marathon - 15 April (2:30)
This was a hard but exciting run and I am pleased I managed to run it after so many years of not being able to run at Easter due to having a guesthouse. Pleased with the time as well, as I expected it to take me around 2:45 - so many hills!

Also ran the 2.1km fun run the day before with Finn, Steve and Sam.


Toontjie 4km fun run (with dogs)
A fun run part road, part trail.
A jog around with Alfie, who won his first running medal!
Great fun!
See for blog post.

Funky Fynbos Cape Mohair Trail Run 12km
Trail Run includes jeep track, single track, hills, sand, oh, and more hills!
Time: 2:24:31
Walk/run with Steve.


31 December: Danger Point 10k - 1:09:54
Road, Sand, Rock, Grass (just about everything really).
Thrilled to bits - came 1st lady in my new age category! OK, there were only 8 ladies in it, but I still came first!

25 April: Weskus Half Marathon, West Coast National Park - 2:30:36
Not so much fun as it used to be, as the new route takes you through a housing estate before reaching the national park, but still enjoyed it!

15 March: Harvest Trail Run (12.5km), Stellenbosch

Ran with daughter, Taz. A great run - even though she did leave me well behind!

2014 (5 races)

12 October 2014: Gun Run 21k

Very enjoyable run! Very misty day - so much for lovely scenery. Saw hardly a thing! We were less than 100m from the Finish Arch before we could actually see it! Good weather for running in though, and not much wind either! 2:18:12 (actual time) 2:22:21 (gun time). Over 5000 taking part in this race.

14 September 2014: Funky Fynbos Trail Run, De Uiljenes.

The first Funky Fynbos 10k trail run ever and only 20 minutes up the road! Hard work but very enjoyable. Would definitely like to do this one again! 1:27:20.

15 June 2014: 10k Charity Run, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Thank you to all the Jelly Beans in making the day happen.  1:03:29.  A very cold, windy day but great fun, especially the 1km!

10 May 2014: Hermanus Wheels and Runners 10km

A great little race up the main road through Hermanus. Out and back, up and down.  Very windy on the day but at least it had stopped raining and the sun came out.  Very happy with the time of 1:02:08 and 3rd lady in my age group! 44th out of 88 runners altogether.

Just picked up the official results from the website and they have given me 1:01:54. I am happy to go with that. I did get a bit confused as to where the actual finish 'line' was! I know, but that's just me!

6 April 2014: Spar Women's Challenge 10km, Green Point

I ran (sorry, walked and jogged) this with Steve. Nearly 22,400 runners, mainly women and mainly walking. Not sure of precise result yet - but I think it was 1hr 12 mins. I didn't bother checking my time at all because of the congestion and the amount of time I spent weaving in and out, so am surprised I wasn't even slower!  Well done to Steve though; he did really well and looked great in his tutu!

2013 (5 races)

31 December 2013: Danger Point Half Marathon

Much harder than I had expected and didn't enjoy the second half at all. However, wonderful scenery and good experience for a bit of off-road running! Time: 2hrs 40min 57secs. Will I do it again next year? Mmm, need to think about that for a while! Seems a lot better looking back at it!

22 September 2013: Cape Town 10km.

Downgraded from marathon to 10km due to sore foot. I entered Steve to do it with me (which he did!) and we walk/ran it together in 1hr 15min. Yay!

1 August 2013: Whalers Running Club: 5km time trial - PB: 28:56

15 June 2013: Napier 10km

Wow, if I had known what a hard race this is... Great fun though and very happy with my time of 1:07.

20 April 2013: Langebaan Country Estates Weskus Half Marathon

Yes, the Black Mamba is still there! Time: 2:31:30.

17 February 2013: Peninsula Half Marathon 

Route: Bergvliet to Simons Town.
Time: 2:37:16.
An enjoyable run, not fast because I wasn't running for a time.  I was using it as a training run to, hopefully, improve my time on the West Coast half marathon in April.


2012 (6 races run in 2012)

31 December: Danger Point 5km, Danger Point. Ran the 5km run with daughter, Taz, who had come over from the UK for a surprise (to me, at least!) visit. Great fun! 30:50.  A PB for Taz (well done!) Overcast and not too hot. Lovely run from the school, along the coast road, and back to the school. Ran on tarmac, rocks and sand!

11 November: Cape Point Half Marathon, Cape Point - PB for Cape Point and for a half marathon by 2 minutes.  2:27:39

Not a very big race, so I was running a lot by myself, which made it harder.  Beautiful scenery, and good weather and, unusually for this race, not too much wind!  It was overcast, which kept it cooler and better for running in.

8 September: Medihelp Tekkie Challenge 10km, Kuils River - PB (by a few seconds!) 1:05:08
Good race but I found I had no energy on the day. Almost gave up, but halfway through I zipped up my man-suit and went for it! It obviously worked. Just a pity I hadn't run the first half in the same way!

18 August: Fairbridge Mall 15km, Brackenfell - PB (yes, I know I haven't run a 15km race before but it was the fastest 15km I have ever run).
PB time of 1:42:12
Good race.  First 5km was warming up, next 5km was VERY hilly, last 5km was a much nicer downhill and flat run. 1st Whaler back!

22 April 2012 - Virgin London Marathon - 6:01.  (Raised money for Alzheimer's Research)
What a great day that was - so much support, entertainment and excitement!
Highlight of the year! Impossible to get a good time though - just so many people! But so what - a once in a lifetime event!

17 March 2012 - Benguela Weskus Half Marathon - 2:31:05
Oh, that Black Mamba hill!!

14 February 2012 - Love Running Runner's World 10km trail run at Kirstenbosch.
No official time because they 'messed up' the length of the run! It ended up being about 7km.  Fun to run though. 


Races run in 2011 (4 races run in 2011)

20 November 2011 - Mr Price Winelands Trail Run - 8km - 1hr 06min 57sec (1st lady over 50!  Yes, there were more than 1 entered.  There were 5 ladies other than me!)

31 July 2011 - Pinelands 10km - 1hr 05min 14sec

19 March 2011 - Weskus Half Marathon - 2hrs 37 min 18 sec
(the hottest day ever - 43C)  Now I would like to run a half marathon under normal weather conditions! Not too windy, not too hot!

19 January 2011 - KFC Brackenfell 10km - 1hr 06 min 29 sec


Races run in 2010 (3 races run in 2010)

14 November 2010 - Cape Point Half Marathon - 2:29:20
(the windiest day ever - it blew the portaloos over! Glad I wasn't in one at the time!)

8 May 2010 - Hermanus Wheels & Runners 10km - 1:10

18 April 2010 - Spar Ladies 5km fun run - approx 35 minutes.

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