Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Run 117: Furthest ever!

Plan was 22kms today. Been a bit panicky about it for various reasons, but eventually got myself organised after, first, going to do it on Saturday rather than Sunday because of guests, and Steve needed to feed them! Needed to be sure I was going to get up early enough to avoid the heat. Finally, water caused me huge problems. How much would I need? Last week I drank some of Steve's. Would I use the gels at the right time? Last week I took them at 40 minute intervals and felt that it was too much too soon.

Anyway, we (Steve and I) worked out a plan that I would get up at 5 o'clock so that I could be out of the door by 6 latest, and would be back before it got too hot. So, he set his alarm for 5am and I went to bed early! Cats had decided to use the bedroom as a playground so chucked Sid out. Chilli was hiding somewhere, so I shut the door and got back into bed. When it is very windy, and the wind is blowing from a certain direction, it is very hard to sleep, and the bedroom door has to be left open to stop the wind whistling through! So, not a lot of sleep happening. Then Chilli decides she is going to sleep under the sheet with me, (it is too hot at night to sleep with anything more than a sheet at the moment) and Sid comes in to scratch on the edge of the sofa in there!

Sid got chucked out! Chilli was still hiding under the sheet! Let's all try and get a bit more sleep. At some point in the night, Chilli had slipped off the side of the bed under the sheet and had somehow pulled it around her, and stayed there sleeping! It wasn't me pulling the covers off last night!

It was almost a relief when the alarm went off at 5am. I got up (in the dark) and let the dogs out. Don't know where Chilli was - fighting her way out of the sheet, I think. Bowl of Jungle Oats and a glass of sports drink, dressed, and out of the house with 3 bottles of water! I didn't want (and Steve didn't want) me to do my usual route because he couldn't come, so I was going to run around the village one way, out of the village and up the B'bos Road and then around the village the other way, picking up a new bottle of water when I passed by.

So, I deposited 2 of my bottles in the bushes outside the house and off I set. It was light by this point, although the sun wasn't up yet. I set off up Charlie, then Esplanade, then Rotunda, along Central and up to the Main Road and out of the village. I took an energy gel after an hour, along with some water, and managed to get quite sticky. It's very goo-ey stuff and gets everywhere! (That's the reason I decided to take the whole sachet and not half of it as we had previously agreed, Hubs!) I ran up to the bend in the B'bos Road, turned round and worked my way back, intending to get back to the house at about 15km, and pick up another water bottle. The plan worked, and I noticed the curtains were still drawn. Mmm, Hubs still in bed!

I continued on my way, and more or less reversed the route, battling with the strong winds most of the time. There didn't seem to be many places where the wind was actually behind me. I struggled on slowly, not feeling too bad until the last few kilometres, and that was because of the wind more than just feeling tired. I decided to try a few jelly babies on the way down Esplanade - it might help me battle better against the wind. One thing I have learned is that I can't run and eat jelly babies! Even more so with a head wind! Little bits of sticky jelly get everywhere. If Isolde had been looking out of her window at that point, and had seen me walking, it was because I was trying to eat jelly babies!

I watched my Garmin as the distance changed from 21kms to 21.1kms to 21.2kms and, suddenly, I was running further than I have ever run before!

t was good to get back though, and my Steri Stumpie (chocolate milk) was waiting in the fridge. After a shower and some stretching, Steve cooked me egg on toast! Much appreciated. Thank you for that.

I am looking forward to 2 days off running now, and only a short (12km) run next weekend!

22kms - 2hrs 54 mins.

167/120kms this month!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Run 116: Gentle 5kms around the village.

Up and out by 6.45am. A gentle 5kms around the village. Lovely out there this morning, sun not hot yet, but a bit of cooling breeze. Listened to Taz's music on the iphone she sent me - thank you, Taz. Don't usually listen to Billy Joel, but I found I was jogging along at the right pace for it.

That's 145kms/120kms done this month. Obviously underestimated what I could run! Makes it harder for next month though!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Run 115: 12km of real hard work

I didn't enjoy today's run! I found it very difficult. Well, I struggled to get out of bed this morning (at 6.15am) but I did it anyway. Sorted the animals out, and took Steve his cornflakes and cup of tea! I had a glass of orange juice (was really thirsty this morning) and struggled through half a bowl of jungle oats, then made my way out. I told Steve to catch me up - he was coming with me on his cycle.

I decided to run my long route, well, part of it, not all of it, and ran towards Carruthers Hill. Doing 12km, I would get as far as the farm just over the first ridge. Steve caught me up at the top of the main road just before I turned right to go on to the R43. I got into my rhythm, it was warm but not too hot yet, and the wind was coming towards me. Not too bad and I was running at about 6:54 pace - just right. It was a gradual uphill run, which makes it harder but not too hard. Reached the farm, 6km, and stopped for a moment to watch a buzzard, then turned round to come back.

It was flat for a bit before going gradually downhill so it should have been quite easy. Steve told me to speed up a bit and try to make up some time so I ran considerably faster for about 600m, then stopped and walked to drink some water. I really can't run and drink at the same time! Then I tried to do my previous pace of around 6:54 but it was harder this time, and I tried to speed up again after a few minutes but couldn't sustain it. I was getting hotter and the run was getting harder!

I had to take some walk breaks for the last 3 kms. I was struggling in the same place that I struggle when doing my long runs! Note to self: remember not to run this route again when trying to do a 12km fast run! I really wasn't enjoying it anymore and just found everything irritating, including OH, who was there to help me! Sorry OH! Don't take it personally! I was quite glad when the run was over.

However, when I got back and checked my time, I was actually 2 whole minutes quicker than I had been the previous week! So not all bad!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Run 114: A lovely slow jog around the village

A lovely gentle one this morning to loosen everything up. Although, I hope it doesn't loosen everything too much!!

5km around the village at 7am. Windy this morning but still warm and sunny.

Not much else to say, really!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Run 113 - Long Run of 20km

4th run of the week, long run of 20kms. Went out early to avoid as much of the heat as possible (how I envy you running in the UK at the moment!) Quite windy, but didn't mind that as it helped keep me cooler. Steve came with me on his cycle. Nice for the company on that long, long road. Also excellent for carrying my running belt when I have finished all my drinks and carrying my hat when I've finished with it, and also for carrying anything else I want to discard! Thank you, darling, for putting up with me!

Practised with a couple of gels too! Well, all I can say is 'if it helps...'. Very limited in what I can get here. Might have to have a look around Cape Town next time I go. I'm sure they will have a bigger selection in a bigger town. No chance of getting the ones they will use in the London Marathon. Lucozade, I think. So will take my own with me. Must see if I can get some here that are also sold in the UK, then if mine gets lost in the baggage on the plane (thinking back now to when BA lost our bags) then I can buy more of the same in the UK.

Also took some sports drink with me. Energade. (Thinks) Can you get that in the UK???? Mmm, must work on that one. Maybe I can do without if I have enough gels.

The run wasn't too bad. Though why I always find it difficult in the last 3 kms I don't know. Doesn't matter how far I have run before that, or the terrain, it's always the last 3 kms. Maybe it's because it is more undulating. Or maybe I'm just tired!

Anyway, long run done for the week! Not particularly fast, but then it wasn't a race! 2hrs 29min.

That's ok. At least I'm still standing! :)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Run 112: Just a slow 5kms today

I got up to do a slow 5km jog around the village today. Nothing too horrific. I also tried to stay at the pace my training plan told me to run at. Apparently, you compromise your other runs, in particular faster runs, if you don't run slowly when you are told to! No problem, I don't mind running slow!

Not too hot this morning and very overcast. Headwind on return, but didn't worry about that too much as I was 'running slow' (as my plan told me!)It is supposed to rain today but I couldn't see much evidence of that happening, not yet anyway.

A few people out and about, but not many.

Thank you to those who have sponsored me, and to those who have taken A4 posters, etc. to display at their work places. It really is much appreciated. You all have no idea how much of a challenge this is for me!

Well, that's another 5kms done, and 102/120kms for this month.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Alzheimers Research

Why I am doing my bit of fund-raising:

Run 111: Fast(?) 12kms

Phew! That was a hot, sticky one! 12kms at a fast(well, it was fast to me!) pace around the village and up to the main road and back.

I went out at about 6.30 this morning and it was already about 21c, but overcast (well, overcast for the first half of the run, then the sun came out). Hardly anyone around, which made it nice and peaceful, but some gravel roads, and very undulating.

Couldn't believe how wet my shorts and top were when I pulled them off to get in the shower! How can anyone sweat that much?!

So, 12kms in 1:24:09, at an average pace of 7:01m/km. Needed to stay in pace zone of 6:55 - 7:10, so achieved that!

Tired now!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Run 110: Early one in the mist

I managed to get out at 6.15 this morning - not too bad! Mind you, it was Sid, the cat, waking me up at 5.45 that did it! She, and another cat from who-knows-where decided to have a "chat" over whose territory they were both sitting in! Still, it got me out of bed...

Slow 5kms around the village. It has been misty the last few days and the sun has been struggling to fight it off! So, although there was no sun, it was still very warm and humid. Better than trying to do the run later in the day though!

That's 85/120kms for the month, done! :)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Run 109 - 19km today

Why is it always a shock to wake up early and realise you have to get out of bed there and then for a long run?! The sun was barely up over the mountains at 5.45am and I knew that if I didn't get up and get out fairly soon, it would be very hot by the time I was half way through my run. It was also the thought that, once I am up, then the dogs need to go out, one cat out and one cat in. Then, four animals to feed and an OH to make tea for, as well as tea for me, and something to eat! Phew! Exhausted already!

And, of course, suncream and anti-chafe cream. Oh, and I wanted to take my sun visor this time too, to stop the glare of the sun.

Well, eventually got out (with OH on his cycle), though about 15 minutes later than I had intended. Plus a bottle of Energade and a bottle of water! I drank it all last time, so I knew I would need it this time too.

Quite a nice run really, and I got to the bottom of the other side of Carruthers Hill. Wow! Only trouble with that is I have to run back up it again on my return run.

Not many people out today. Think they've all gone home now after the holidays. Nice and peaceful!

Good run. 19km. Monthly total = 80/120kms done! Just under 2.5hrs I think.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Run 108 - Back now!

Had a nice time away. Well, part of it anyway! Enjoyed the show, although it was very long! Some great effects in it. That was Cape town, then we went on to Paarl after stopping off at Brackenfell to say 'Hi' to everyone there.

Found a couple of good places to eat and a lovely place for a cup of tea or coffee in a stunning setting. Unfortunately, the B&B was @#!@#$! Clean, but that's about all! 'Nuff said here!

And now we are back. I didn't do any running whilst I was away, it was too hot! And I thought it might actually help me run better when I got back if I had a rest whilst I was away.

I went out for a slow 5km jog this morning at about 9am. It was very warm even then so I will definitely have to get up early to do my long one tomorrow. I don't want a repeat of the heat of the last long run I did - far too hot!

Lovely weather out there though, and good to get out! Glad to be getting back into it, I suppose!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Run 107 - Just a shortie..

Just a slow 5km around the village this morning. Beautiful out there at 6am. Not too warm yet, sunny and no wind.

Can't hang around here though, 'cos I'm off to Cape Town today to see The Phantom! Sorry, can't chat now! :)

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Run 106 - Very windy and very hot!

Steve and I were busy with a full house of guests this morning so I knew I wasn't going to be able to get out for my 18km run until they had all left. We had asked Ronnelle to come in to help and do the rooms for us as all three needed doing. That was good because once everyone had gone Steve could come out with me whilst I did my run.

The weather has been very, very windy today, and it was a very hot run too (high 20s) so I knew it wouldn't be a very fast one! Definitely shorts weather now!

The first half was hard because of the headwind and it really knocked it out of me going up the second part of the hill. It was great to get to the top and just over the other side! Then, I struggled for the last few kms on the way back because it was so hot, although the wind was behind me by then.

Experimented with an energy gel before I went out for the run too. I had never used one before but I squelched it out of the sachet and it was like eating a melted jelly baby! Peach flavoured! And I drank water with it (like it said on the packet!)

Whilst typing this up, Steve came back with an icecream for me - a chocolate magnum - yummy. I think I deserve it! :)

Friday, 6 January 2012

Run 105 - Great run (without wind)

Got up and ran 8km this morning. Great run with no wind for a change. Discovered I can actually RUN and not just JOG! lol! Went out before it got too warm. Would have been lovely for a cycle ride too, Steve, but you were busy with guests! What a shame!

I did a kilometre of warming up then started intervals along my 8km route. 1 minute of fast running with 1 minute of jogging or walking. Hard work but hope it has done me some good. Certainly has blown out the cobwebs.

Feel I am getting somewhere now. It has taken a while to get back into it properly (after the wedding) but, hopefully, it will continue! :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Run 104: I actually overtook some joggers!

First of all, thank you to Taz for becoming a follower. I hope I don't let you down!

Next, I struggled to get out of bed this morning. I was s-s-o-o-o tired. Still, I did manage to crawl out at about 6.15am and got ready for my run. I did wonder how I would get round today, especially as it was an 8km run planned. But out I went hoping it wasn't too windy.

There was a headwind for the first half of the run but it didn't slow me down too much (she says!) but it was quite warm even though it was still a bit overcast. I did my normal 8km route around PB and decided I would run it as I ran the 8km last Tuesday. The plan told me to run at a faster 'uncomfortable' pace so, as I warmed up, I tried to run a bit faster. It always gets me when I go that way around PB - up Central towards the end it is a slow incline for about 200m before turning left and going down in stages, and the wind was in my face at that point - but I kept going, I didn't stop running. Well, anyway, I didn't walk up it even though my legs were burning.

It was a bit more comfortable as I got round Rotunda and on the way back I increased my pace a bit more. I felt I was going faster but wasn't sure at the time what my pace was as I had set my Garmin wrong!

As I ran around Charlie, I saw a couple of joggers in the distance (holidaymakers not gone home yet) and I couldn't believe it but I was actually gaining on them. They were definitely 'proper' joggers (they had all the gear!). A few minutes and I was still gaining on them. Look everyone, I'm going to pass them! Oh, there's no-one else looking. Come on, someone, look, I'm overtaking them. Say 'Hi' as you go past, and smile (nicely). Where's Steve? Why isn't he watching out of the window? He would be able to see me from the house!

So it ended up being a good run with an average overall (including warm up) pace per kilometre of 6:34. 8kms in 52:39 mins.

I'm happy!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Run 103: An 'easy' 5km around the village

I mis-read my plan yesterday and thought I had a fast 8km to do today. Anyway, I checked it again this morning before I went out and I only had 5km to do, slowly! I say 'only', not so long ago 5km would have been a long run!

I got up really early - 5.45am - and was out of the door by 6.30. It was overcast and not too warm, which was good, but it was very, very windy. Headwind up the half-way point, which made the run really hard.

Second half was somewhat better and I was home, showered, stretched and helping Steve with the guests' breakfasts at 8am! Not too bad! :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Run 102: Happy New Year

Well, I made it to 2012! Hardly knew about midnight 'cos I fell asleep! Sad, I know. But Happy New Year everyone!

Can't believe I am supposed to be running a marathon in April! And, also can't believe, how early I got up this morning to go for a run!

Up at 5.45am, totally surprising the animals, and put the kettle on for some tea, and made brekkie. Animals got chucked outside.

Out by 6.30am and ran a few kays up the Bbos Road, then came back and ran around the village. Total of 12km in all, approximately 1hr 25 mins, which is fine as I tried to slow it down a bit and get 'comfortable' as the plan said!

Hardly anyone around, just one lone cyclist, who shouted 'Hi' and waved as he went past. Obviously, the sensible people are still in bed this New Year's Day morning.

It was bright and sunny, but breezy when I went out, and not too hot, but an hour later and it was really warming up. Now, at 9.30am it is clouding over and the winds have got up. I'm glad I went out earlier.

Hope future runs will go as well as this one!