Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Run 24 - Intervals (I know I'm not going to enjoy this!)

Well, what I did was:

1.6km warm up.
800m fast.
200m slow. 6 times


Not sure of exact time. Approx 53:20

I was right - I didn't enjoy it! Good thing was though that as I was running down Esplanade I saw that Steve and the dogs were just walking back to the car - so I didn't have to run back home! Yay! :)

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Run 23 - A nice run

I struggle to get out of the door lately. However, it is the first nice day for a while so really need to make the effort. The weather started off really cold and overcast (it was about 9.15am) and my hands were freezing for the first couple of kms. I only really started warming up when I got to the top of the road at the R43.

I had decided to run up the B'bos road as it is a lovely run through the mountains even though I have to pick my way through the potholes at the moment.

I ran up to the 5km marker and turned around, and ran back home. I even managed to get the timing right this time and stopped running at the top of the road.

Steve had taken the dogs out and was also taking them up B'bos road and they passed me going, and they passed me coming back!

All considering, not too bad a run! 11.27km and 1hr 20 min :)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Run 22 - Me, not Alfie, not Chilli

The weather has turned very wintery today with heavy rainfall and strong winds. In fact, we were without electricity for 12 hours from 8pm until 8 am this morning! I was not going for a run in this weather, so ran on the treadmill instead.

We have been training Alfie (our 4.5 months old Labrapig) to go on the treadie so that he can run on that when the weather is too bad to go out, and he now associates the treadmill with cheese! He can't wait to get on it at every opportunity, and he was convinced I was on it to eat cheese.

Then, when I got off it, Chilli the kitten got on it and went to sleep on it! Alfie couldn't believe Chilli was on the treadmill too. Why not him? She must be eating cheese as well!

Oh, Alfie!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Run 21 - A beautiful day for it!

A beautiful day for it! I did a warm up jog at the beginning and at the end of some intervals. The intervals consisted of 4 x 800m with 90 second recovery in between. I managed the first three within the 5 minute time limit but the last one was extra hard! A digger was repairing the gravel road as I came along the last time so I ran up along the tarmac road that runs parallel instead. Initially, I found it considerably easier than running on the gravel road, but the wind had been getting up and was coming straight towards me, which made that last run incredibly hard! Glad when it was done! Can't say it was my favourite run but - I did it!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Run 20 - Turnaround

I did tomorrow's run today because today is supposed to be much better weather-wise than tomorrow. It is a beautiful winter's day with warm sunshine and a light breeze (for a change!)

I can't say I was looking forward to this run because it gets "lonely" out there sometimes and it is much nicer to have someone to run with (even if they are on a bike!) Where are you, Steve? You're supposed to be my personal trainer, not puppy-sitting!

So, I listened to music on my mp3 player, which helps sometimes when I am out for a long time.

I ran for 1hr 35 min and covered 13km.

It was a better run than my run last weekend, but there is still room for improvement!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Run 19 - Not good weather for a public holiday!

Ran on treadmill this afternoon as the weather was too bad to get outside - very heavy rain showers and very strong winds - ideal for a public holiday!

This treadmill is on a slant so I am continually running uphill - impossible to reach my targets! So, when Steve came back (from being out with the dogs) he found some planks to even it up a bit. Much better, made the run feel more like I would expect it to feel!

Ended up doing 4.25km.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Run 18 - Intervals - Phooaarr!

It has been lovely weather today - no wind, and warm sunshine. I didn't run until this afternoon, but then jogged to Esplanade, then met Steve with the dogs to do 6 x 400m. Real hard work (for dogs as well as me!) as I couldn't get "in the zone"! I suppose it will take a couple of weeks or so to get back into it! I finished off with a jog around Rotunda and then part of the way down Central where Steve picked me up in the car.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Run 17 - 1st long run for a long time!

What hard work that was! I haven't done a "long" run for at least a month and my body spent a lot of time complaining about it. It was only 7 miles! However, I managed it - within the time limit - so am happy. I'm sure my body will be complaining even more later on today!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Run 16 - Hard work

It has been an overcast but warm morning. The sun is trying hard to peep through but there was not enough wind to stop my sunglasses steaming up, so I had to take them off! Can't complain about the lack of wind though - that doesn't happen very often!

Steve took me up the B'bos Road again to the 5km marker and dropped me off so I could run down the hill and back home. He stopped off at the track and took the dogs for a walk.

The run was hard work as it is only my second one for a while, but it was nice to get out there and do it! I think only 2 vehicles passed by, so it was lovely and quiet. Ionly coughed when I finished the run!

I got back to the top of the main road at the same time as Steve and the dogs, so he waited for me around the corner so I could get a lift home! I needed it by then! :)

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Run 15 - Back at Last!

I had to give in to my cold and take some time out from running! Not impressed! No sooner do you start to feel that you are getting somewhere, something else happens to stop you! Oh well, hopefully, I've seen the back of that for a while!

So, it was my first run back after being ill with my cold virus thingie. Nice to get out. Steve took me up B'bos Rd to the 5km marker so I could run back home. He took the dogs for a walk up there along the track so we all benefited!

It was a lovely quiet run back, only one vehicle on Bbos Road, and all I could hear were a few birds and my feet on the gravel road. It was so nice to get out again.

I did today's workout from the plan that I had put on my garmin. It kept telling me to slow down - not easy when you are running downhill! Better to run slower for the first one back though - doesn't make you cough so much at the end!

Slow, easy run - ideal for first time back out.

Happy. :)