Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Monday, 17 October 2016

Yorkshire Marathon - 8 October 2017

OK, so today I surprised myself, and others, by entering next year's Yorkshire Marathon.

I blame Russell! Everyone does - for something or other! He didn't read/understand my comment properly on a facebook comment I wrote on the Yorkshire Marathon page that suggested he run this marathon. He, having completed a half marathon recently, and in a very good time too, considering not a lot of training had been done for it, it seemed the next obvious step for him! Joke! Anyway, he thought it meant that I had entered the Yorkshire Marathon, which I hadn't!  So he entered! Well, I had to enter after that, didn't I! I didn't actually expect to get in though. I thought it would be full by now, but there you go...

However, it was on my bucket list of marathons I would like to complete (if possible) - London Marathon (I did in 2012), Yorkshire Marathon, West Coast Marathon and Cape Town Marathon. If I ever manage to complete some, or all, of these, I would love to be able to run the Two Oceans Ultra, but I won't worry too much about that, lol! I'll just enjoy running while I can still do it!

I haven't done much running recently. Since we sold in Pearly Beach a year ago, we have been really busy with moving, refurbishing the cottage, and not even had time to do much on the house we are actually living in now! Then, I got injured and couldn't run anyway, and it is only the last couple of months I have started running again regularly - for which Alfie is very grateful. It's lovely to be able to get out again, though, and 'pound' the gravel roads!

So, there will have to be a lot of steps taken in the next year to prepare and, hopefully, a few other races in there somewhere too.

I was encouraged this morning anyway. I decided to take Alfie for our run early rather than wait until this afternoon. It was lovely to be out on a sunny morning, very little wind, with stunning scenery - about 8kms! That's what it is all about!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Toontjie 4km fun run with Alfie

This run is the baby of the Voet van Afrika marathon!

For blog of this run, please see:

Funky Fynbos Cape Mohair Trail Run 12k.

Entered Steve to do this with me as I knew I hadn't been training enough to be able to drag myself around the course without company!

Great time. Quite a technical route, started in Flower Valley, up to top of 350 metre mountain!

It turned out to be about 12.5kms.

Completed it in 2:24:31.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Danger Point 10km

Decided at the last minute to enter this (the day before!) and got up early on the morning to do it. Even though I was tired and felt sluggish from all the work at Christmas, before and after, I thought it would do me good to escape for a couple of hours.

The run left the Gansbaai Lower School at 7.30 and went through De Kelders and then down towards the sea. We covered just about all types of terrain - tarmac, sand, rock, grass, with lots of 'ups and downs'!

Fairly happy with the time I ran it in - 1:09:54 considering I haven't done great mileage this year!

When I saw the results, I was ecstatic.  1st lady in my new age category.  OK, so there were only 8 of us altogether, but still!  I don't think I've ever been first in anything before!  I should have got an age category tag and I could have won a prize!