Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Run 134: 1km short of my month's total of 180kms

Totally forgot that I needed to do an extra kay on top of my 5km around the village this morning. Oops! Never mind, still did 179, which is more than last month. I'll blame it on the Kirstenbosch trail run - their run was a couple of kays short of 10km, and I (obviously) had expected to run 10km, not around 8km!

Nice run this morning around the village though, even with the little blister on my little toe. Must remember to put anti-chafe cream on my toes as well.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Run 133: Still living after 28kms!

It was decided for me that I should get up at 5am so that I could be out of the door before 6am and miss the heat. It was not a good run last week and was far too hot, making me extremely tired. As Steve was coming to keep me company and be my 'support vehicle' I felt it only right that I should agree. So, it was off to bed early for me while he sat and watched 'Transporter something or other' on dvd.

Steve's alarm went off on time, so I got up straightaway. No point in festering in bed when you know there's a lot of work to be done, 'cos it won't go away! Fed and watered the animals, then myself, then took Steve a cup of tea.

I got dressed and 'teched' up and, albeit a bit late, got out of the door at exactly 6am! It was getting light but the sun wasn't up yet. It wasn't really cold either but when you are used to temperatures in the late 20s and early 30s, it does make the early morning feel a bit nippy!

Off I plodded, with Steve alongside on his cycle, weighed down with 3 bottles - 2 of water and 1 of sports drink! I carried a bottle of water as well. I have got so used to carrying something, I struggle to run without a bottle in one hand and a cloth (for the sweat) in the other!

It was certainly beautiful at that time of the morning. Over the first few kays, we heard the birds waking up, with the roar of the sea in the background. We watched the sun coming up over the mountains, and we watched the mist that had settled overnight on the bush and ground dissipating.

I ran up over Carruthers Hill and a l-o-n-g way down the other side, in fact, over another hill. It is a very undulating road with a couple of bigger hills as well. I ran 14km, then turned round and we came back. It was getting a little warmer by this time but there was a gentle breeze by this time, which was cooling on the skin.

Finally made it back to the 'home straight', the last few kays. Managed to speed up a bit over the last kay, just wanted to get it all over with by that time. Compared to last week, it was actually quite a nice run. The hardest bit was getting out of bed in the morning!

The little toe on my right foot started hurting in the last few kays, I think it was getting a bit 'squished' but it seems ok now. Other than that, just a bit achey.

Looking forward to a recovery week coming up, so nothing too strenuous!!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Run 132: Lovely morning in Pearly Beach

The weather is beautiful this morning and it was a very enjoyable 5km run around the village. Barely any wind, sunshine not too hot because I got out early and slight mist over the sea. That's what it's all about!

I think I'll leave it at that!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Run 131: 12km fast followed by lunch in Hermanus!

Got out this morning for a 12km run and discovered that my Garmin battery was flat. Not impressed. Good job I had taken along Steve to help with the timings! I did, however, eventually manage to get my metronome to work, which I had also taken along, but it still wasn't the best of starts.

I had had aches in my feet and legs yesterday so thought that this run probably either wouldn't happen or would be shorter than it should be. Decided to wear my new shoes again - I wore them for my 5kms last week - and didn't have any aches or pains after this run. That's good! Might try my old ones again for my next 5km run and see how they are. They haven't had a huge amount of mileage done in them but I suppose the gravel roads don't help.

I ended up running the route that I know - up Carruthers Hill and to the farm, so didn't have to worry about distances and, according to Steve's maths, I got a PB for this 12km today. We decided to agree on 1hr 18.5 minutes. He said it was definitely at least one minute quicker, more likely 2 or 3, so we decided on something in between. It definitely felt like I was moving at a reasonable pace and only stopped for drinks breaks.

It was good running with the metronome. It really does help keep my pace and cadence up, and I will do it again for my next fast run, I think.

After we got back from the run, and had showered, we went into Hermanus for some shopping and had lunch at Feathers. Very nice! And I was good and had toasted tuna mayo sandwich with salad (loads of salad), no wine(!) but, um, I finished off with some amarula icecream with chocolate wafer. Well, it was Steve's fault! He wanted one!

Might have to have a glass of wine later and watch the sun go down over the sea!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Run 130: Oh my ...

Have just realised the date - 22 February. That is very significant because it means there are exactly only two months to go until the BIG DAY! Double eek! Better put that to the back of mind for now!

It really was no fun running a slow 5km today. It is SO windy, the wind was lifting the dust off the gravel roads and blowing it around. Horrible! I stayed on tarmac roads today so that I could avoid most of it, but it certainly wouldn't have been a very fast run even if I could have run fast today, into that wind!

I seem to have got over the tiredness and aches of last Sunday's run, in fact all of last week's runs, but it was lovely to be able to do a slow recovery jog this time.

Not much else to write about this run other than it was very windy but still very warm, and it went ok, which is good!


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Run 129: 26km struggle...

I knew I was going to struggle with this one. I ran well earlier in the week and I suppose my legs were still tired from clambering up the mountain! But it had to be done! I didn't realise either just how hot it was going to get even though the wind was blowing very hard.

Anyway, I told Steve to catch me up on his cycle (don't worry, he was aware he was coming with me!)and off I went. Decided to do it slightly differently this time and when I got to the top of the road, the R43, I turned left and ran towards the airfield. Steve caught me up about 200m on to the R43 and I decided to carry on until the end of the airfield, which was about 7km of running. Then I turned round, with the wind in front, and ran all the way back, past the junction to Pearly Beach, and carried on, on familiar territory up the first of the hills to the farm. I was really struggling by this point and had to put a few walk breaks in as well. A little bit further, and I could turn round and run back home.

Then, it just got harder. It was getting very hot now, and I couldn't get my breathing right. It was jog, walk, all the way back! By this time, the wind had changed direction as well, so that I was still running into it!

I consumed over a litre of water, 2 energy gels, some jelly babies and some of Steve's Powerade. When I got back, it took quite a long time to 'calm down'. I just did not know what to do with myself. I sat and drank some chocolate milk (really can't go wrong with that!!) then a cool shower. Even that was an effort, and I just had a rest on the bed for a while with a towel wrapped around me. And, yes, I did have breakfast. I'm not sure how hot it actually got while I was out, but it must have been mid to late 20s.

Steve made lunch, poached eggs on toast, which was really, really good, and I started to get some energy back again.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Run 128: Stiffness not quite so bad now...

The stiffness from the trail run on Tuesday evening is starting to go now, I am pleased to say, so it was out for another slow jog around the village in preparation for another long run tomorrow!

It is very windy today but hot, and as I was only jogging slowly it didn't really matter much about the wind.

Not a lot else to report this time. Oh, I did make some lovely bread yesterday afternoon, which we had with our braai. Mmm...

Sundried tomato and olive - delish...

The braai was good too (thank you, dearest Hubs!) and we had some pickled beetroot (that I had made earlier) and some home-made tomato chutney (that someone else had made earlier). What more could anyone want than a nice braai and to sit outside in the evening sun, watching it go down over the sea (the sun, that is, not the braai)!

Well, possibly a glass of wine would have been enjoyable, but I thought I had better give that a miss this time. I had quite a lot earlier in the week with friends, and I need to 'start taking my long runs seriously' (so I read somewhere!)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Run 127: Just a gentle one...

After the trail run on Tuesday, I am feeling very stiff and achey. It is such a different type of running, but I'm sure it has done me a lot of good using different muscles! (She says, hopefully!)

I did a very slow, gentle 5km around the village this morning. It was lovely out there at that time. It wasn't too bad once I got going and the hardest bit was running down the hill on the main road!

Lots of stretching when I got back, and now a rest from running until Saturday!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Run 126: Kirstenbosch Trail Run

We went to Cape Town yesterday so that I could run in the Runners World 10km Trail Run at Kirstenbosch - a special for Valentine's Day, and the first one ever run there.

After dropping the animals off at the kennels, we drove to Kirstenbosch via the shops (of course). We don't see many shops so that is always a novelty. Driving through Somerset West on the way to Cape Town, after waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, a tiny car came and hooked itself up on our towbar! Excellent! 'The brakes failed!' the driver said! I wasn't surprised, looking at it. I'm surprised anything worked at all on it. Five smartly dressed black people got out of it, and a babe in arms that slept through the whole thing! Pity their vehicle wasn't as smart as them! I'm just grateful we have a towbar! Didn't do a lot for their car though - a write-off!

Anyway, we eventually got to Kirstenbosch later that afternoon after some 'very necessary after all that' shopping! It was fairly painless registering and we had a wander around until just before 6 o'clock when the race, sorry, run, was to start. I got changed and then started panicking in case it was too hard! Well, it was up the side of the mountain, and the run had been described as having 'some steep hills and descents'!

It did have some steep hills and descents. Steps that seemed to go on forever upwards, but the most beautiful scenery once we got up there, and then steps that came all the way back down again. Then another lot of steps upwards and steep gravel hills down again. Yes, it was very hard work, but I did feel that I have been getting stronger and my legs worked better than they would have done a few months ago.

It really was a very slow course because a lot of it was single file trail and we all had to follow whoever was at the front, walking. I found the worst part was the long downward run. It was very steep and was all loose gravel. I am absolutely useless at running down any sort of hill because I can't control how fast I go, so I ended up walking down those parts slowly. But.. I wasn't the only one who did that! At least I kept going up the steep steps on the way up the mountain. One guy had to stop - twice!

It was supposed to have been about 10km long, but ended up being about 7.6kms (according to my Garmin) and the organisers apologised afterwards because they had had to change the course at the last minute, due to Kirstenbosch telling them just before the start that they couldn't run in one particular area (even though it had all been organised well before the event), and one of the marshalls decided to 'go home' and throw the direction signs in the bush. Very helpful. So some people got lost as well. But, other than this(!) it was very enjoyable and was a lovely evening to do it, finished off with a picnic.

I ended up doing about 7.6km in 1hr 14mins(!). I have no idea how they are going to work out everyone's results as not everyone ended up going the same way!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Alzheimer's brain plaques 'rapidly cleared' in mice

Alzheimer's brain plaques 'rapidly cleared' in mice
By James Gallagher
Health and science reporter, BBC News

Sections of Alzheimer's, left, and healthy brain tissue showing brain shrinkage with the condition

Destructive plaques found in the brains of Alzheimer's patients have been rapidly cleared by researchers testing a cancer drug on mice.

The US study, published in the journal Science, reported the plaques were broken down at "unprecedented" speed.

Tests also showed an improvement in some brain function.

Specialists said the results were promising, but warned that successful drugs in mice often failed to work in people.

The exact cause of Alzheimer's remains unknown, but one of the leading theories involves the formation of clumps of a protein called beta-amyloid. These damage and kill brain cells, eventually resulting in memory problems and the inability to think clearly.

Clearing protein plaques is a major focus of Alzheimer's research and drugs are already being tested in human clinical trials.

In the body, the role of removing beta-amyloid falls to apolipoprotein E - or ApoE. However, people have different versions of the protein. Having the ApoE4 genetic variant is one of the biggest risk factors for developing the disease.

Helping hand
Scientists at the Case Western Reserve University in Ohio were investigating ways of boosting levels of ApoE, which in theory should reduce levels of beta-amyloid.

They tested bexarotene, which has been approved for use to treat cancers in the skin, on mice with an illness similar to Alzheimer's.

Plaques, in brown, form around brain cells, in blue, which kills parts of the brain
After one dose in young mice, the levels of beta-amyloid in the brain were "rapidly lowered" within six hours and a 25% reduction was sustained for 70 hours.

In older mice with established amyloid plaques, seven days of treatment halved the number of plaques in the brain.

The study said there were improvements in brain function after treatment, in nest building, maze performance and remembering electrical shocks.

Researchers Paige Cramer said: "This is an unprecedented finding. Previously, the best existing treatment for Alzheimer's disease in mice required several months to reduce plaque in the brain."

In people?
The research is at a very early stage, and drugs often do not make the leap from animal experiment to human treatment.

Fellow researcher Prof Gary Landreth said the study was "particularly exciting and rewarding" and held the "potential promise of a therapy for Alzheimer's disease".

However, he stressed that the drug had been tested in only three "mouse models" which simulate the early stages of the disease and are not Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia
Symptoms include loss of memory, mood changes, and problems with communication and reasoning
No one single factor has been identified as a cause for Alzheimer's disease - a combination of factors, including age, genes, environment, lifestyle and general health are implicated
Source: Alzheimer's Society
He warned people not to "try this at home", as the drug had not been proven to work in Alzheimer's patients and there was no indication of what any dose should be.

"We need to be clear, the drug works quite well in mouse models of the disease. Our next objective is to ascertain if it acts similarly in humans," he said.

His group is preparing to start trials in a small group of people to see if there is a similar effect in humans.

The disease is likely to become more common as people live longer. The Alzheimer's Society predicts the number of people with dementia will reach a million by 2021 in the UK alone.

"There are a number of drugs in development that aim to clear amyloid from the brain, and the jury is still out on whether this approach will be successful as a treatment for Alzheimer's”

Dr Simon Ridley
Alzheimer's Research UK
Its research manager, Dr Anne Corbett, said: "This exciting study could be the beginning of a journey towards a potential new way to treat Alzheimer's disease.

"However, this is very early days. People with Alzheimer's should not rush to get this drug, as we need much more research to establish if it has benefits for humans."

Dr Simon Ridley, head of research at Alzheimer's Research UK, said the findings were "promising" but any effect was still unproven in people.

"There are a number of drugs in development that aim to clear amyloid from the brain, and the jury is still out on whether this approach will be successful as a treatment for Alzheimer's."

David Allsop, professor of neuroscience at Lancaster University, said: "I would say that the results should be treated with cautious optimism.

"It looks promising in the mouse model but in recent years, these types of experiments in mice have not translated well into humans."

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Run 125: 24km - Getting to the scary distances now!

I had been fretting about this distance for some time. Don't know why, other than it is 'way past' half marathon length. Well, it is a few kays past half marathon length! But it had to be done, and I felt I needed company in order to be able to do that distance. We (Steve and I,well, ok, probably more me than Steve) had decided a few days ago that I would run the 24kms this Saturday morning so that I could have two 'rest' days before the Trail Run at Kirstenbosch Gardens on Tuesday evening. It was all planned! The guests that were staying overnight on Friday were leaving after a 5.30 breakfast (poor Steve, another early brekkie!) to cycle the Lighthouse to Lighthouse Mountain Bike race. Ideal! Would go out after that.

However, the ladies with them didn't need to go out at that time so they arranged to have breakfast later and then go and meet their men after the cycle ride. Of course, this meant that Steve would have to do another round of brekkies before he could come out with me! Aagghh! Sorry, but I was not happy and it didn't help my stressing over running 24kms. However, luckily, Ronnelle was able to come in to clean the rooms and clear up after breakfast, saving us from having to do it. Probably more Steve than me, actually, as I probably wouldn't be able to move after running 24km. Hooray! Good old Ronnelle!

So, I set off on my run and Steve caught me up (eventually, ha ha) after about 45 minutes or so on his cycle. It wasn't too bad running as the wind was behind me, it would be worse after I had turned around, and then it would get to be hard work. I ran up Carruthers Hill and down the other side and kept going until I had run 12km. Then, after absorbing the peacefulness out there, I turned back, into the wind this time.

I had another two gels this week, the same disgusting kind (it's all I can get locally), but if they work then that is fine, and had a few jelly babies later in the run too. I managed to keep them (the jelly babies) in my mouth and swallow them instead of spitting them all over the place in the headwind, which I was well impressed with!

As I have mentioned before on here, I seem to have some kind of psychological barrier which comes up at about 3kms before the end of the run at the same place on that particular road. It doesn't seem to matter how far I have run that day, but when I reach that point I really do struggle. This time, Steve started chatting to me and we were deep in conversation about something, can't actually remember what it was, but it worked. I was completely distracted and ran right through that point, all the way back, much stronger than previous runs.

I even managed to get my run done between rain storms. There had been lots of rain all night and it only stopped just before I left the house for my run. Then, after I had got back, had a shower and was doing some stretching, I stood up and looked out of the window and saw that the rain was back.

So, all in all, not a bad morning's run after all.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Run 124: Run today so I could have a shower!

There is supposed to be no electricity all day tomorrow so that they can do "essential maintenance"! That means I can't have a shower tomorrow until the evening. If I go for a run in the morning, that is a long time for people to have to put up with me until I can have a shower. What to do? Mmm, run today instead! Aren't I thoughtful to everyone?!

So, this afternoon, in the heat and the wind, I did a 5km run around the village. It wasn't too bad as it was only a slow run and I got to have a shower afterwards! :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Run 123: First half hard, second half easier

I did a 12km run around the village this morning and up to the R43. I ran it back to front (the other way around!) so that I didn't have so far to run after I had run up to the R43. It was a hard run, especially the first half around the village. I couldn't seem to stay on pace, and the village is very up and down, and lots of gravel roads too, which certainly doesn't make it any easier.

The second half was better as it wasn't quite so undulating and on tarmac all the time so I could get a better pace going. I am finding that once I have warmed up properly and get up to pace, I can sustain that pace for a lot longer than I used to be able to. Perhaps I am improving a bit after all.

It wasn't a fast run over all, because the first half slowed me down a lot, but I know that the second half was significantly faster, and felt better too!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Run 122: A Gentle Jog

Yesterday I was thinking I might bring my runs forward a day this week and run today instead of tomorrow because next week I am (hopefully) running in the Runners World ZA 10km trail run at Kirstenbosch. My plan tells me that I have 24km to run next Sunday, and the Kirstensbosch run is on Tuesday. In order to have 2 days between my last long run and my next run I need to bring everything forward this week. Last week was a 'step back' week and I felt it was better to have one less day recovery this week than next week when I would be running twice as much at the weekend. Does that make sense? I know what I mean! Anyway, it means that my run is today and not tomorrow!

Last night we had thunderstorms, not really bad ones and they didn't actually last all that long but it was enough for Alfie to wonder what on earth was going on. He hasn't heard thunder before in his little life. He was one year old yesterday (well, that is when we celebrate his birthday, we don't actually know when his birthday was as he came from an animal welfare centre). He seemed quite happy to celebrate it anyway with a quarter of a pig's head! Of course, Mango joined him in this celebration with a quarter of pig's head, herself, too!

Anyway, the thunderstorms meant that I didn't get any sleep until about 2am so I wasn't sure I would be in any fit state to run. Not doing very well this week, so far! However, I did get up and I did go out and run!

The weather was very overcast but at least it was cooler, and I did a gentle 5kms around the village. Not much wildlife out there today, although lots of fishing boats on the water. It's quite relaxing to do these little runs now and I quite enjoy them. They are deliberately slow so they burn fat too! (Bonus!) I now understand how slow runs fit in with longer or harder runs, instead of when my runs all seemed to blur into one another. There is now a much better distinction between the types of run I do. Apparently, that's how you are supposed to run! :)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Run 121: Horrible run!

What a horrible windy night! I spent half of it in the kitchen with a cup of tea and a book! Good job it wasn't cold as well. It was far too noisy to sleep. Gale force winds howling through the house. The animals thought it was great, though, having some extra company. Which didn't bode well for a run early the next morning! The wind was supposed to quieten down a bit early morning and become a very hot day so I needed to get out early! That wasn't going to happen! And the wind didn't quieten down either!

After eventually managing a few hours sleep between 3.30am and 6am (6am was when the sun woke me up!)and after Steve had brought me a drink and a bowl of cereal, for which I am very grateful, thank you, (which reminds me, I mustn't eat muesli so soon before going out for a run - it gives me indigestion!)I staggered out of bed and put on my running gear. It's gotta happen, so might as well get it over with! Not exactly the right frame of mind, but hey, at least I was going out...

Well, the only positive thing I can think of about the run is that at least it is another 12km done! I was tired, everything ached, the wind was howling around me, it was very hot, oh yes, and the muesli was giving me indigestion!

Did see a few interesting things out on my run though - a dead mole snake at the side of the road, some baboon poo on the B'bos Road and, of course, after seeing the baboon poo, the baboons that turned out to be black bin bags in the bushes at the side of the road!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Run 120 After baking...

We have guests in at the moment, well, one guest, and I needed to do some baking last night because someone (not me, I hasten to add!) had eaten all the muffins! I was going to do it last night as I don't like leaving it until the last moment but as she wasn't breakfasting until 9am I didn't really have it in my mind. Anyway, it didn't get done last night, ok, I forgot! I was too busy window-shopping on the internet! So, it meant I had to get up early and do some (though, sometimes you wonder why you bother!)

So, up I got at 6am and into the kitchen I went, sorting out cats and dogs as I went along. Baking (bread and muffins) into oven and cooked, then it's time to feed husband (in bed all this time!) and an hour later off I go out for my run! Gosh, the efficiency of it all!

Not a lot to report about the run really. 5km around the village at a slow jog, not many people around even though it is the weekend and that is when people come to Pearly Beach. I had thought it was supposed to be really bad weather this morning with lots of rain and wind. Well, the wind is certainly here but not much evidence of any rain yet. Don't mind that, didn't get wet!

Another 5km done, so that's 22/180kms done so far this month.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Run 119: 12km with the running fairy!

Strong winds and rain! Ugh! Who would want to go running in that?! But it had to be done, so after a lie-in until 6.45, I decided I had better brave it and get out there. Steve came with me on his cycle, I started with a flourescent rain jacket, and off we went.

I had decided I wanted to do a similar route to the last 12km I did, last week, to see how it would compare. It wasn't as hot (obviously, 'cos there were thick, grey clouds with rain in them!) but it was very windy. I hoped it wouldn't be too windy once I got out there! (What an idiot, of course it would be just as windy!)

The first few kilometres were ok, because they were really just warm-up ones and once we got on to the main road and turned left, the wind was behind us. It was the kays from about 4 to 8 that were into the wind - now that was hard work! But I kept telling my brain that it wasn't a problem, I could do it. And my brain kept trying to butt in and say, "Stop, you fool!" But I didn't, I kept going! Best I could, anyway!

Then, when we got to about 8kms, I heard a "Phwoosh!" I thought it was Steve sneezing! I found I was running the next hundred metres by myself, whilst Steve sorted out his bike. The back tyre had gone! He managed a PB yesterday of about 10 minutes faster than he has ever done before (well done, you!) - the tyre obviously couldn't cope with such a stress (it wasn't used to such speeds!) and decided to tell him today, the day after, by exploding on him!

Mind you, he impressed me hugely by jogging nearly all the way back with his cycle! Well done, again!

Anyway, I carried on with my run, which was slightly better by now as I had turned round and the wind was behind me. I was determined to manage the last kay on that part of the road better than previously, when I had to keep stopping at that point, and I KEPT RUNNING! Then, I turned into the main road and looked at my Garmin. I thought I might be able to beat my previous time - just! It would be so good if I could! Go for it, girl! I did have 2 very short walking spells (when I had a drink, well, I did have a drink) but tried to make up for them when I ran again, and I thought, yes, I can do this. I thought my previous time was about 1hr 20m, so I was determined to beat that.

And I did - 1hr 19m 03s. When I checked afterwards my previous run was actually 1hr 22m 01s, not 1hr 20m. Maybe I am improving after all. Thank you for coming with me, running fairy. Oh, and Steve as well. Everybody helps! :)

So, some stats now (to make me feel good!):

12km times are as follows:

19 Jan: 1:24:09 Avg pace of 7:01
26 Jan: 1:22:01 Avg pace of 6:50
2 Feb: 1:19:03 Avg pace of 6:35

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Run 118: Can't believe I can still run!

After my efforts of last Sunday, all 22 km of them, I am amazed to find that I can still run! It was lovely to have a couple of days off running but find it incredible that the body can recover so well! Just as well, really, as I can't believe it is February already and the marathon is the month after next! Eek (lots of 'eeks'!). Still so much running to do!

Well, another 5kms this morning. Just a shortie around the village! Real slow and nice pace! Just a bit faster than it should have been according to my training plan but I did try to slow down more! (Honest!) Can't believe now that once upon a time, not that long ago, 5kms was a real effort no matter what speed I attempted it in!

Trouble with a new month is that I have to start building up my kays again from zero! This month I am aiming for 180kms. I have worked out how many I need to do this month from my plan, so 180 it is! That's 5 done already!

175 to go!