Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Run 129: 26km struggle...

I knew I was going to struggle with this one. I ran well earlier in the week and I suppose my legs were still tired from clambering up the mountain! But it had to be done! I didn't realise either just how hot it was going to get even though the wind was blowing very hard.

Anyway, I told Steve to catch me up on his cycle (don't worry, he was aware he was coming with me!)and off I went. Decided to do it slightly differently this time and when I got to the top of the road, the R43, I turned left and ran towards the airfield. Steve caught me up about 200m on to the R43 and I decided to carry on until the end of the airfield, which was about 7km of running. Then I turned round, with the wind in front, and ran all the way back, past the junction to Pearly Beach, and carried on, on familiar territory up the first of the hills to the farm. I was really struggling by this point and had to put a few walk breaks in as well. A little bit further, and I could turn round and run back home.

Then, it just got harder. It was getting very hot now, and I couldn't get my breathing right. It was jog, walk, all the way back! By this time, the wind had changed direction as well, so that I was still running into it!

I consumed over a litre of water, 2 energy gels, some jelly babies and some of Steve's Powerade. When I got back, it took quite a long time to 'calm down'. I just did not know what to do with myself. I sat and drank some chocolate milk (really can't go wrong with that!!) then a cool shower. Even that was an effort, and I just had a rest on the bed for a while with a towel wrapped around me. And, yes, I did have breakfast. I'm not sure how hot it actually got while I was out, but it must have been mid to late 20s.

Steve made lunch, poached eggs on toast, which was really, really good, and I started to get some energy back again.

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  1. Well done for doing it Lee. i think you did brilliantly and definitely good prep for the VLM in case it is hot (which it can be in April these days !) if i were you i would go onto some of the nutrition sites like runners world and look at what you should be eating the week or so before the marathon. It was more than i was used to but certainly filled my reserve tank !