Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Run 14 - Treadmill today

I ran approximately 4.5km fast on the treadmill this afternoon. The weather has not been good, with strong winds and heavy rain so couldn't face running outside today! I always find it much harder to run on the treadmill than outside - probably because the treadmill is on a slight incline all the time! Oh well, at least I ran!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Run 13 - Nice, gentle run

I had a really bad night last night - I couldn't stop coughing! This cold is really getting me down now! I spent most of it up, reading.

Today, I went for a nice, gentle run of 5km. It was supposed to take me about 37 minutes, and I actually took 36 minutes, so not too far off target! I ran down Melkhout, Main, Arcadia, Central and then into Esplanade, where I met Steve with the dogs.

The weather was just right for a run, particularly a run where I am trying to get over a cold! It was warm, sunny(ish), with no wind (for a change). Hopefully, it will have done me some good! :)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Run 12 - Intervals

Had to select my time carefully - it was chucking it down with rain this morning but managed 43 minutes of running inbetween the rain, so happy! Smile

Did intervals this morning - 4 x 400m with 200m recovery in between.

Dogs and OH came along too as I ran along a road that sees no vehicles for 99% of the time! Ideal for them (the dogs I mean!)

So we all had a good workout! Smile

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Run 11 - Not been a great week!

It hasn't been a great week this week as I have had a cold and cough, so haven't been out running since last week. The garage door fell off last weekend, as I mentioned, and we finally got that fixed. The car's battery is not working properly - probably just old! Alfie is only just starting to sleep for a bit longer at night, so we haven't been getting much sleep lately, which doesn't help when you both have a cold!

Anyway, I am sure we will "get there"! I managed to get out for a run this afternoon and just did a short one around Pearly Beach - about 4km I think. I didn't take a lot of notice of the time it took or the length of the run, I just wanted to do one! It gets incredibly frustrating not being able to run! I kept it slow so I didn't start coughing again, but I am happy enough that I got out.

I will aim to do another run like this tomorrow!

336 days until the VLM

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Run 10 - Amazed legs still work!

After my time trials on Thursday, I thought I had better go for a short, gentle run to see if I still have legs. Amazingly, they do still work!

Just did a little 3km recovery run around the village but it seemed to go well.

However, after my shower, I hear a loud crash - as the garage door falls off! I told him it would...

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Run 9 - Time Trials with running club

I did something this evening that I have wanted to do for months but have also been rather scared to do because I feel I am so slow, particularly at the shorter distances! I ran a 5km time trials with the Whalers running club in Hermanus.

Steve and Sam came along with the two dogs so that they could also get a bit of exercise - though not running with me! They went off up the forest road into the mountain while I did my run.

It went surprisingly well. I was convinced that I would get lost because I was at the back of the pack! But I checked the route before starting and managed to keep someone in view (miles ahead!!) so that I felt reasonably sure I would stay on the correct road.

For me, it was very fast-paced but I persevered because I felt that it must be doing me some good! I managed the course in my time of 29:56, which I am pleased with - it means I ran 5km in under 30 minutes! Now to repeat it of course...

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Run 8 - Outside again

Managed to get outside and run today. It was great, so much better than the treadmill!

I hadn't been able to get out for a few days because of the gale-force winds, and also I have been getting Steve's cold (thank you, Steve). However, hopefully it won't get any worse!

I took Steve with me, after he had finished 'banging and crashing' in the garden! He is building a wall and doing other changes outside with the help of Sam, who is staying with us for about 10 days. His help is most welcome!

Anyway, Steve came with me in his role of 'Lee's personal trainer' and I jogged for about 10/15 minutes to warm up, then did 4 intervals of 400m, and then jogged back home - to a braai! Sam had got the braai started, and we enjoyed a warm, winter's evening outside on the stoep enjoying a meal - well, until the football came on anyway!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Run 7 - Also put Mango and Alfie on the treadie

Very windy today and really didn't feel like contending with that today, so I did some slow/fast running/jogging/walking on the treadie. Still built up a sweat, so must have been working!

Then, we started to get Mango and Alfie used to going on the treadmill - the idea being that when the weather is too bad to take them out, they can run on that instead. The weather in Pearly Beach can be very hard work sometimes - gale force winds are common and heavy rain in the winter. It is no fun on the beach in the strong winds (Mango doesn't like getting sandblasted any more than I do!) so the treadmill is as much for them as for me (honest!)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Run 6 - 10km up the B'bos Road

It was a lovely morning (for a change) so I decided to run a short way up the mountain road towards B'bos. It is (obviously!) hilly on the way so was slower on the way up than the way back.

However, it was a lovely sunny day and the crosswind just cooled me down, so it was really enjoyable!

Felt very tired for the rest of the day though - I think it is the lack of sleep with a new puppy!!!