Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Run 119: 12km with the running fairy!

Strong winds and rain! Ugh! Who would want to go running in that?! But it had to be done, so after a lie-in until 6.45, I decided I had better brave it and get out there. Steve came with me on his cycle, I started with a flourescent rain jacket, and off we went.

I had decided I wanted to do a similar route to the last 12km I did, last week, to see how it would compare. It wasn't as hot (obviously, 'cos there were thick, grey clouds with rain in them!) but it was very windy. I hoped it wouldn't be too windy once I got out there! (What an idiot, of course it would be just as windy!)

The first few kilometres were ok, because they were really just warm-up ones and once we got on to the main road and turned left, the wind was behind us. It was the kays from about 4 to 8 that were into the wind - now that was hard work! But I kept telling my brain that it wasn't a problem, I could do it. And my brain kept trying to butt in and say, "Stop, you fool!" But I didn't, I kept going! Best I could, anyway!

Then, when we got to about 8kms, I heard a "Phwoosh!" I thought it was Steve sneezing! I found I was running the next hundred metres by myself, whilst Steve sorted out his bike. The back tyre had gone! He managed a PB yesterday of about 10 minutes faster than he has ever done before (well done, you!) - the tyre obviously couldn't cope with such a stress (it wasn't used to such speeds!) and decided to tell him today, the day after, by exploding on him!

Mind you, he impressed me hugely by jogging nearly all the way back with his cycle! Well done, again!

Anyway, I carried on with my run, which was slightly better by now as I had turned round and the wind was behind me. I was determined to manage the last kay on that part of the road better than previously, when I had to keep stopping at that point, and I KEPT RUNNING! Then, I turned into the main road and looked at my Garmin. I thought I might be able to beat my previous time - just! It would be so good if I could! Go for it, girl! I did have 2 very short walking spells (when I had a drink, well, I did have a drink) but tried to make up for them when I ran again, and I thought, yes, I can do this. I thought my previous time was about 1hr 20m, so I was determined to beat that.

And I did - 1hr 19m 03s. When I checked afterwards my previous run was actually 1hr 22m 01s, not 1hr 20m. Maybe I am improving after all. Thank you for coming with me, running fairy. Oh, and Steve as well. Everybody helps! :)

So, some stats now (to make me feel good!):

12km times are as follows:

19 Jan: 1:24:09 Avg pace of 7:01
26 Jan: 1:22:01 Avg pace of 6:50
2 Feb: 1:19:03 Avg pace of 6:35


  1. Well done that is fantastic leaps and bounds, soon you will be soaring through the VLM.

  2. ... now that I have got up off the floor from laughing...