Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Run 90 - Let's get back into a routine!

It has been extremely hectic recently, especially the last few weeks with Sam and John's wedding and looking after Finn, and going away for a few days as well. Even though it is great to see everyone, it takes a lot out of us, and I had to forgo some training runs. That makes it all the harder to catch up.

We are still busy, and will be busier in the lead up to Christmas and over the holiday period, with guests staying, but must press on now with my running.

I did a slow jog this morning after the hikers had gone out for the day, 5km around the village. After I had warmed up, it was quite enjoyable.

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  1. It really is a tricky time of year to try get exercise in but not impossible - at least your not contending with single digit temperatures ;-)