Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Run 73 - Managed to get back up to 10km at last!

It was my last run today before I start my marathon training plan - all 24 weeks of it! Ow!

So, I finished off my current plan with a 10km run up towards Carruther's Hill. Not that I got very far up it as I only ran 5km before turning back to do another 10km, but I've got to start somewhere! Steve came with me on his cycle, which was good. We have had very, very strong winds, and some rain, over the last couple of days so I didn't know what time of day would be good to get out and run in, but we have a bit of a respite from it for a day or so, so I decided to get out when I could, hence the 8 o'clock start! Not too early!

Ended up doing 11.42km in all, including my warm up and cool down, and was out for 1hr 26 min. the 10km part took about 68 minutes with a slower second half because of the headwind. Happy with that as I haven't run 10km since my 10km race at the end of July. :)

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  1. Nice one, I'm erring towards out and back runs these days as well.