Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Run 137: Medium long run...

Woke up this morning to an overcast sky and a few small puddles around. Outside rain puddles, not inside doggie puddles, I hasten to add! I let the animals out and the wind hit the door - mmm, that's going to be a fun run this morning!

I had a 12km 'comfortable' run to do, so decided to run around and out of the village. I knew it wouldn't be very fast anyway with that wind! There were a lot of sensible people around when I went out this morning - they weren't out in the wind.

Anyway, I struggled around the village and then ran up the main road out of the village with 3km to do. So that meant 1.5km up and 1.5km back. The road is actually 2km long so I knew I shouldn't reach the end of it. However, I did reach the end of it! Stupid Garmin! I turned around to come back and the Garmin seemed to 'catch up' then and I ended up finishing about half a km short of the turn-off I was expecting to reach! So, I ran a bit more...

1004 kms run in 2011
370kms run this year to-date.
Only 7 weeks until the London Marathon.
Oh no...!!!

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