Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Run 149: 32 kilometres DONE! Yippee!

So happy! Longest run done! And survived!

Got up this morning at 5.30am ( a little bit later than a few weeks ago when I ran 30km because it doesn't get light quite so early now). Sorted animals out and then got myself some breakfast. I really don't want to eat at that time of the morning but some things just have to be done!

Dressed, then a cup of tea to Steve (still in bed - I had to get that bit in!), and then out! Light enough to see at 6.25am so off I went (with a jacket because it felt really cold this morning! I had been hoping to have some company in the form of my 'personal trainer' (Steve!) as it was my last long run, but no, we had some guests drop by, so he was having to do breakfast for them. I think the roads around the village must be getting rutted from all the running I have been doing around them of late on my long runs!

First time around the village - sun came up about 4km out, but it was still cold and I kept my jacket on until about 8km out. I arrived back at the house after 11kms and threw my jacket on to the bushes at the front as Steve was on the front deck and said he would bring it in. That's a bit of weight gone. Didn't need to refill my water bottle yet as it had been cool enough not to need it.

Second time around the village - I tried some of the Clif shot bloks that Taz had brought with her on her recent visit (thank you, Taz). They worked well and are much easier and nicer to eat than the disgusting peach flavoured gels I bought locally! Will definitely take some of those to London with me. Got back to the house again after 22kms and Steve was waiting on the drive with some sports drink and more water. (Nice surprise). Blew my nose on a tissue and handed it back to him - I didn't want to carry rubbish around with me! Kiss, and off I go again. I still felt quite good at this point so was well pleased! Switched on my ipod this time round so I didn't get bored.

Third time around the village - it was getting a bit warmer now but I still felt quite strong and felt that there was power in my legs. It didn't really get too difficult until I got to about 29km, at which time that one kilometre seemed to go on forever. I always start to struggle when I get to the last few kilometres of long runs! It was definitely getting warmer now, and I had to stop for water more often now, but I told myself to "zip up my man-suit and get on with it. It's the last long run and I'm nearly done!" So that's what I did.

I actually felt not too bad once I got down to it, and was even able to speed up a bit. Final time and pace doesn't seem to reflect that very well, but every time I needed a drink, I had to stop running and walk so that I could drink, and every time I felt I needed to eat a shot blok I had to stop and get it out of my bag. Also, I stopped several times to sort the ipod out. I think I even knocked my Garmin off at one point and ended up running an extra 400 - 500 metres before I noticed. Never mind!

It's all done now! That's my longest run done before the marathon. A few weeks of tapering now. Yippee!! :)) Oh, and a take-away tonight. Something we've not had for months! :)


  1. Fantastic run. I think the last miles are longer because you know you are close to the end ... mind games I think! Maybe try work through them by reverse psychology ... "only 5km to go, I can do 5km in my sleep" kinda thinking.

  2. Definitely psychological rather than physical!