Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017

Toontjie 4km - 14 October 2017
Alfie's first medal

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Run 43 - A little bit longer

It has been another lovely day today. A little bit windier, but not too bad to get out in. The water has been off today whilst they put a new valve in the water pumping station so didn't want to go out too early in the day because I wouldn't be able to have a shower when I got back.

I went out so that I would meet Steve and the dogs at the end of my run, which was at the beach.

The run was 30 minutes overall, with a warm up and cool down walk.

The first 10 minutes of the walk, and then the jog, was rather painful in the right knee, where everything is still pulling. However, after that, everything settled down and it was a good run.

It was great to get out in the lovely weather. :)

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